Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Anime Expo pt 2

This was the Organic Hobby Booth. They were selling a item I couldn't be without a Ghost in the Shell Laughing Man Cookie Tin. I'll blog more pics of it later.

Here's some cosplayers that represent that Anime Expo mascots.

These people here are actually the true forms of Mecha Fetus.
The first guy on the right is Persona, next is Paul Robertson, and the cute girl is Kinuko
Talking with them was somewhat strange, Kinuko was friendly, but the other two guys made it hard to hold a conversation. I told them abou I am 8-bit again hope they become part of it. Paul said he was doing another project, but couldn't really talk about it, maybe commercial, it seems he got real funding for whatever he's up to.

I just enjoy this picture representing a lot of Anime Expo. A bag of porn for 60 bucks.
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