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Monday, June 29, 2009

Anime Expo 2009

Time for the Anime experience of the year if not the century. Held this year at the LA convention center. I hoped they got rid of all the goo from Erotic LA. $30.00 for a day 60.00 for all 4 days

Come and enjoy the odd assortment of people. Cosplayers are just fascinating to see in nature. See the site of people watching portable dvd players instead of talking to other human beings . Approach them and say hello, see their reaction of disgust or look of mistrust. Bring a ds and you'll be part of the herd.

Anyway the main hall has a bunch of anime goods. Actually a insane amount so take your time finding what you want. Check out artist alley. Look and meet all the deviantart artists and don't forget Paul Robertson and friends

There new art/comic book will be out

here's Paul's work

Tatsunoko Vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars will be playable and looks like fun. This game takes Japanese characters that really haven't been heard of in America vs some capcom classic characters. The American release gets five new charcters Japan didn't. Anyway it seems like a super fun Japanese crazy and insane fighter.

Some words to the wise, cash is king. Food is overpriced, better to leave the expo and find some cheap eats outside,hopefully In-N-Out.

Bath, you don't have to stink because other people due. Axe should have a booth here. Actually all the deoderant companies should, damn I should call people.

This week:

Thurs- Gurren Lagann movie , Mega 64 panel

Fri-Evangelion 1.o

Sat-Who cares

Sun-last day