Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Anime Expo pt. 3

So I got to saw the premiere of the english dub of the EVAngelion 1.0 YOU ARE (NOT) ALONE

It was great. The movie looks great and condenses the series perfectly. The voices they got were great. They say the blu-ray/dvd release will actually be called EVAgelion 1.0.1 which is so ridiclulos it great. The movie addes some new scenes that moved the story along. Angels looked completely different form the series. Well, not the first one Shinji thought. The beginning of the showing isn't as great as people are saying on the net, The Rei's that came out onstage and started sing fly me to the moon were awful.. The song was ruined and really there were like only 8 of them. The next movie which really just camt out a week or so ago in Japan is up in the air of when it's being dubbed and brought to America. Can't wait for Auska and the new Eva and girl pilot.

Anime fans in LA your in luck Eva's playing in Laemml's Town Center more info below, definetly go see it.

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