Monday, July 20, 2009

Mia in the Sky with Diamonds (I am 8-bit)

Earlier this summer I contacted two artist who I thought would be perfect fits for I am 8-bit.
I am 8-bit(and if you have been reading my blog you should now by now ) is a annual art show by numerous artists in LA based on video games. Yes, a entire art show based on video games. Over time the art show has been expanded and become a art collective and company. The artists are used for certain video game events most recently the Street Fighter Tournament in China Town.

and the DSi launch at Universal City Walk.

Artists from 8-bit give out posters or t-shirts of their work at theses events. There was even a Resident Evil 5 Blood drive where they were giving away pins and shirts for giving blood.

I even got to go into 8-bit early one year before anyone else by going on a quest they came up with,but that'll be another post.

The guy behind I am 8-bit is Jon M. Gibson(seen above) he worked on cartoon shows around LA and loves old school games. I've met him a few times and never really interviewed him (hopefully I will later this summer). Jon has said his always looking for new artists for his show and loves to see new work. I didn't think about what he had said that much until later this summer when I saw two artists work which I thought would be a great addition too 8-bit.

The first person's art I saw was that of Mia or poop-mouth as she's known on Deviant Art. I found here work on Matt Hawkin's Fort 90 site( for the Persona 4 contest he held.

Contest ( )
Mia won the contest and as you can see she earned it

BUNCHA DUDES I GUESS by ~poop-mouth on deviantART

I wrote a e-mail to here asking is she was going to turn it into a shirt (still no word on that) and telling here about I am 8-bit. I also e-mailed another artist by the name of Sky Burchard and asked for a interview and about joining 8-bit(he'll be another post). You see I thought it would be truly fascinating finding out the process of become a I am 8-bit artist. I wonder if there are any rules or if anything goes, how much time your given, what inspires the artist piece for the show. So I thought I would ask theses artist some basic questions and follow their process of becoming (8-bit)
I sent a e-mail of questions for Mia

which she was kind enough to answer right here, I'm the one in blue

Well, first off did you e-mail John from I am 8-bit yet, did he respond?

I haven't sent him an email yet as I haven't put up my personal website.

How was Anime Boston? Did you sell a lot of your work?I've only attend Anime Expo and Comic-Con I've never been to the East Expos.I always feel sad if I pass and artist and don't look at their work. Actually, do artist in artist alley want you to even look at their work or just move along if you don't buy things, also it seems weird because someone can critique your work in front of you, it is ever weird for you?

I didn't actually attend AB myself, but the things I put up for sale sold well. Of course artists want you to look at their work! It's pretty annoying to have people come up and talk and leave without buying anything, mostly because it blocks people who could potentially buy something. But taking a closer look lets you see what else they have to offer!Also is it a easy process to become part of artist alley?I've yet to actually have my own table, but generally it's an issue of money more than anything. You need to purchase a table in time and get all your prints and things in order to sell. Since you're counted as a vendor it has nothing to do with being invited or anything like that, literally you have a table if you have the money.I'm so jealous! I love Mechafetus and really wanted to buy that doujinshi, but I'm on the east coast and they don't sell it online.

Is what motivates you as an artist anime and video games? or is there more much more, by the way love your gurren stuff. You could also tell me how you trained to be a artist.

Definitely MUCH more than anime and video games. They are a big part of me but anyone who just takes inspiration from them is going to turn out incredibly limited. It's like suicide. That isn't really a concern for someone who draws as a hobby, but someone like me who wants to make a living as an artist definitely needs to branch out. I'm inspired by film, photography and graphic design just as much if not more than anime and video games at all.

Next do you know about other artists from just deviantart or do you know about whats going on in the art world thanks to artist friends or other blogs or what have you, I guess really do you feel you connect well with the artist community and why.

Again, limiting yourself to just deviantart would just kill you! I try to absorb and study as much as possible and keep moving forward. You have to.

Next whats your take on historical/modern art? I just walked around LACMA the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and was disgusted, I found myself utterly repulsed by most of it, I hate Jeff Koons! (he makes metal statues of balloon animal dogs) which sounds cool in theory, but that's all he does,I really mean do you think art belongs in museums anymore or is it just better for it to be digital on DeviantArt and available to everyone.

I have an intense respect for historical and modern art, and every artist should, really. Even if you hate it, it's there for a reason. And definitely, art museums are here to stay! There is so much more to art than what can be seen on a screen. Absolutely nothing compares to seeing work in the flesh. The best part of hanging out with artists I've befriended through the Internet is actually seeing and being able to hold their work. It's incredible. In the grand scheme of things, Deviantart is SUCH an insignificant part of art as a whole, and it's also frowned on by the rest of the Internet. Rightfully so.

You draw a lot of work, but can you also paint or sculpt, like whats you skill set?

I'm mostly just a 2d person, myself. Painting is difficult but I do go for it once in a while. I make it a point to play around with whatever medium is put in front of me.

Finally, any ideas for your I am 8-bit piece or pieces or are you just submitting BUNCHA DUDES

I am definitely not submitting that, unless they were interested in it. Since I haven't e-mailed him yet and probably wont for some time, I really have no idea.

Mia will be opening a online store sometime soon hopefully as well as being a pinup artist for Matt Hawkins Fort 90 zine coming out eventually here

here's a few more pieces of her work and hopefully when she gets her store up I'll have update of her joining 8-bit, which I look forward to.

marker sketch CAKE ZOOOONE by ~poop-mouth on deviantART

sketchbook cover by ~poop-mouth on deviantART

urabe by ~poop-mouth on deviantART

YOU JUST DONT GET IT by ~poop-mouth on deviantART