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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Look Out For Team Rocket, Might Have Rockets

photo provide by team rocket

At this time we'd like to inform our readers of ne'er-do-wells of Team Rocket in the vicinity! Be on the lookout for not normally colored-haird people with big R's on their outfits. Sometimes associated with a talking cat, do not approach these individuals. There might be a whole group or organization, not just three members.

The team has been stealing Pokemon. So keep your Pokemon safe and be sure to lock those Pokeballs up. You don't want them rattling around.

This team might have rockets in its arsenal. At this time the media is unaware of it's full capabilities. The team has been known to carry strange weapons and traps, ludicrous in design, but effectivie in capturing Pokemon.

The dishonest do-badders have been seen using not only a air balloon in the shape of a cat's head, what a sight, but many pedal powered Pokemon looking rides of strange design. Why they are escaping outside of just a car has been not been revealed to the media.

It's best to call Officer Jenny if you have any information or need to report any missing Pokemon.