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Monday, October 6, 2014

Engadget Live Los Angeles

-guest post by Angello Pozo

Reading reviews or watching videos is one thing, but experiencing products is much better. Over at the Downtown LA Belasco Theater, last Friday, Engadget held their Engadget live event.

Entering the theater you can see oculus, gloves, an arm, a door, and drinks! The most interesting thing was control vr.  They have a set of contraptions to place around your body to track your arm movement. Imagine having to go to the bathroom with that stuff still on. Asking around, these guys seemed to have impressed people.  

If you ever wanted to know who was at the door, you could walk, or use doorbot by ring. This is nice, because it connects to our phone. Since we have our phones at all times, missing the door because difficult.  

While wondering around, the other long long line was for vapshot. This was a bit of a mix bag. Some people say it took the experience out of drinking, while others were raving about it. I think those were the alcoholics.

There were a few other companies like Huawei who makes smartphones and escort who detects radar detectors. Which to me, seemed like they were pulling at the strings. There was a dozen companies, with only a few shiny gems.