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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Parasyte -the maxim-, Super Freaky Anime In Time For Halloween

It took its sweet time, but Parasyte finally has an ongoing anime series and it's just in time for Halloween. Check it out over on Crunchyroll. Parasyte -the maxim- is based on the scary and strange sci-fi horror thriller manga Parasyte. The story of a boy, Shinichi, and his right hand, a hand taken over by an alien parasite with the ability to change into creepy creations and weapons. He wasn't the only victim of parasite infestation with much more severe take overs of the body, like the brain. Get ready for a series that looks like The Thing: The Animated Series.

In the version I read from the now defunct Tokyopop the images were reversed, so Shinichi's hand's name became Lefty. Now since the anime is based on the original manga I was a bit confused with his hand being on the right side. He's parasite will be called Righty.

A live action film series is happening in Japan with the first film coming out their in November.