Wednesday, October 29, 2014

ThinkGeek's Pipe Mug Looks A Lot Like Fangamer's Pipe Mug

ThinkGeek's Level-Up Pipe Mug
Fangamer's Pipe Mug

Mario, which will you drink out of? ThinkGeek's new Level-Up Pipe Mug looks considerably like Fangamer's Pipe Mug, created by artist Jon Kay. The differences are minor, the mug from ThinkGeek has a 16-bit ground bottom and lacks the pipe handle of the original. The coloring on the Level Up mug is the switched colors of green from the original with added pixels. The ThinkGeek mug can hold one more ounce of liquid at 15 oz..

Can you sue when the item in question is parodying a franchise that you are also not licensing?

Looks like Jon Kay isn't happy.