Friday, October 24, 2014

Halloween Update: The Hanging still happens at Knott's, Why?

-Universal may have a lawsuit underway with some teenage girls insulted at Halloween Horror Nights. This case already has Gloria Allred on it, but no suit has yet been announced. The girls were insulted in the Purge Anarchy section with verbal insults.

-The Hanging still happens at Knott's, why? The Halloween show that tries and fails to make fun of pop culture has been a staple of Knott's over the year's. This year the show takes a swipe at the now defunct Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure which had the same practice. Vice said the show gay bashed, we just overall thought it was unfunny. The Hanging is practically the same show. Why it's still around is a horrifying mystery, in that it's so bad it horrifies us while watching it.

Friday, October 31 at 9:30 PM.
Flappers Comedy Club and Restaurant
102 E Magnolia Boulevard
Tickets are $15, or are free for guests who dress in costume on

From press release:
In this Halloween homage, Flappers Comedy Club will celebrate beloved comedians. Emceed by Mae West as impersonated by Laura Hayden (“The Night Shift,” and “Standup in Stilettos,”) the show will welcome dearly departed luminaries to the stage including George Burns (Christopher Titus, "Titus," "Pawn Stars,") Joan Rivers (Elizabeth Klingele, “The Tweetmonger,”) and Billy Barty (Nic Novicki, "Boardwalk Empire.") The supernatural cavalcade of stars will continue with performances by Gilda Radner (as impersonated by Barbara Holliday), Bill Hicks (Kyle Chrise), Mitch Hedberg (Jose Barrientos), Andy Kaufman (Jimmy Palombi), Jonathan Winters (Jonny Soul), Edith & Archie Bunker (Barbara Holliday & Ed Shannon), and Phil Hartman (Bobby Quinn Rice.)