Friday, October 24, 2014

Ben 10 Omniverse Bleed

As Cartoon Network bleeds the Ben 10 Omniverse dry I have to comment on how great a kids show it is. This series has been around for a while in different incarnations and has used all its history to have a very long continuity. From amazing fights to humor to cameos up the ying yang; I've seen Pokemon (Magicarp, Gyarodos) , Teen Titans' Silkie and Jinx and a bunch of references snuck in on every episode as it ends.

It once again begs the question of how the network is run. It can't put a in-house show at a better time than 6am? WB cartoons like Tom and Jerry are airing while most kids are at school too. What's the point of not showing new content at a reasonable time? What kind of backwards deal does CN have with WB, from looking at the schedule it hates anything WB puts out, save for the Teen Titans Go.