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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Delusion: Lies Within, Booked For The Rest of October

by Andrew Gallardo with contributions by Jonathan Bilski 

This year the interactive play has moved to a new mansion. This year's story revolves around the works of Elena Fitzgerald, a fictional horror novelist who hasn't had anything new published in years. A group of new scoobies and myself waited for our time to go in. The story begins when we find ourselves to be a fan of Elena's writing, so much so  we decided to break into her manor. 

Delusion: Lies Within
September 25 through November 2

The Fitzgerald House
2525 Arlington Ave Los Angeles, CA 90018
September 25 through November 2 
Sold Out

Soon we realized that the pages of the books from Elena Fitzgerald have come to life in the mansion. With each room lies a new chapter and a new challenge, it was up to us to solve it. We were escorted by a variety of figures, which provided aid in helping us solve the mystery of Elena Fitzgerald lack of new material. A vast number of rooms are explored, each with it's own unique environment. Like a video game starting, the group was asked who was the bravest among us, after answering one of us was rewarded with a satchel. We used it to keep all the quests belongings, it's more than a mere maze, it's a real horror adventure.


The Embers Study was one of the first rooms we encountered. A huge collection of books are organized neatly on the shelves of the walls. The only light was coming from a fireplace found on the furthest wall in front of us.We were told to find a missing book to activate a trap door in the bookcase. This rooms feels almost peaceful, that is until the fireplace starts shaking.
The embers awakened and behold us is a giant fire beast. We had to run to the trap door to escape the beast.

I was one of the lucky few that was selected to go into the room with the temptress. This beautiful half nude woman wearing a transparent lingerie bathrobe got my heart humping, sorry my girlfriend.
She brings us to the outside of a door labeled "RESTROOM" and she let's us know she is going to "freshen up" and the door closes behind her. The lights turned on and I can see it's a two way mirror.
As she brushes her hair, she drops the brush and thus picking it up the person who arises is not the beautiful lusty siren but a much older version of her.
Soon she comes out and says she is "ready", we play a game of "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe" and the finger lands on me as moe. With a big nervous smile I am led into a bathroom by the hand. The siren gets into the tub and tells me to "be a dear" and "help her out."She hands me a loufa for and tells me to scrub her back as she faces away from me. I do as instructed and I can see her right hand go lower towards her body. As I scrub her back she moans lower and thus I go lower, her moans getting louder and louder. I can see her right hand having a lot of movement at this point as she climaxes she let's out a loud groan. From same right hand as she was pleasing herself she gives me a very wet and sticky key. She tells me to leave "NOW" and so I do, but not before catching one last glance. You see as I became a man that day.

The environments of the manor were perfectly executed as well as the top notch performance by the actors. Delusion has done an another amazing job of making a horror film fill real.

We are provided a quaint waiting area which is garage that has been made into a little shop of delusions. It was decorated with many creepy items such as old books that made it seem more part of the manor. Rest assured they do sell alcoholic beverages along with other tasty treats such as croissants and pastries. The interior of the shop has the most original seats which are chains hanging from then ceiling on a wooden seat acting as a borderline swing. 

Delusion did a fantastic job with the overall organization this year, parking was much easier then in year's past. Provided signs to guide us before reaching the Manor, helped a lot.Often overlooked the parking situation was splendid. They provided a free parking lot with a full parking staff.

Be sure to catch Delusion next year, since it is unfortunately sold out. Buy your tickets early and prepare for the one if not the best horror experience you'll ever have.

I, Andrew Gallardo, briefly interviewed Kevin Williams the prop master behind Delusion.
How long have you been involved in Delusion?
-This is my first year

Can you tell us what you did as the prop master?
-I handled the art direction of the play. I wanted to give each room a life behind it.

Which room would you say is your favorite?
-I'd defiantly have to go with the embers study. Since it's in the beginning, it sets the overall mood of the whole house. I wanted it to be the heart of the house.

We in TTDILA are big fans of video games, this house felt very much like a game.
Perhaps have you played any horror survival games such as Amnesia the dark decent?
- F*#! that game..