Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Adventure Time Time: Adventure Time Season 4, Vol. 4 Mathematical Edition, Gritty

- ADVENTURE TIME - Launch Party!! 
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-Adventure Time Season 4 on Blu-ray and DVD

This collection adds to the faces of the cover that have come before it. Remove the slipcase to reveal Marceline in a punk hairdo. Open and the case and see her brain guts.

On the disc we have all 26 episodes of season four of the show. Bonus features include commentary with the cast and crew for every episode.  A big bonus feature is the 19-minute Distant Bands: The Music of Adventure Time featurette with Pendleton Ward,Pat McHale, Jesse Moynihan and Rebecca Sugar on the key role of music in the series.

- Adventure Time Vol. 4 Mathematical Edition

We just dig the special hardcover format that each book comes with, sort of like the extra bit of work the DVD's come in. If you collect the collection the cover spines, look really great together, they alternate the color of the previous tile, at least Mars and PB's and Finn and Jakes do.

So in this collection we have Finn and Jakes finding secret dungeons made by the Ice King, Marceline's Daddy and the Lich. 

Here's a gritty version if Adventure Time were a film. PB seems a bit like a lady of the evening star.