Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hobby Shops Dens Of Terroism

While looking around the LAPD Blog, always fun to read the LAPD's horrible and simplified ideas on what not to do for Halloween, found this Bureau of Justice Assistance's ways to detect terrorism in Hobby Shops. This is a real waste of a section for the site. It's part of the iWATCH section of LAPD blog, its purpose, a site devoted to having citizens look out for terrorism, which I'm sure has not be effective at all and looks like no one maintains. Our last mayor is on the page, not our current.

Here's some of their tips for detecting some suspicious, some of them are really written like they were forced out, like the one on paintball

-Demonstrating unusual interest in remote
controlled aircraft.
-Demonstrating interest that does not seem genuine.
-Inquiring about remote controls and model aircraft payload capacity and maximum range.
-Inquiring about learning to fly expensive giantscale aircraft without first learning to fly small scale aircraft.
-Possessing little knowledge of activity for which the purchase is intended.
-Exhibiting unusual interest or specific interest in rocket motors or igniters.
-Demonstrating no interest or enthusiasm for the hobby orsport.
-Shoplifting or purchasing Large quantity of model aircraft fuel.
Several large aircraft, engines, or transmitters.
-Model rocket motor igniters without adequate knowledge.
-Large quantity of paintball equipment and supplies with very little information about local paintball activities.
-Using cash for large transactions or a credit card in someone else’s name.

Then a lovely disclaimer at the end.

It is important to remember that just because someone’s speech,actions, beliefs, appearance, or way of life is different, it does not mean that he or she is suspicious

The image above is amazingly  not fake, it's from the iWatch brochure, though nothing about it is heavily digital or related to computers in nature.i don't get it. Why a prominent black women is on the cover makes no sense. You could assume she's meant to represent... yeah, I have no idea, she's not listed as a cop or anything. So without understanding it better, lookout for her and the white guyat the end of the brochure. The whole brochure cover is strange with uppercase letters and lower case letters being used wrong. Why are we using NY's saying, "if you SEE something SAY something"?