Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Alien: The Archive Review Gross Design Explained

Alien: The Archive steps out of the shadows to eat your face off in the most delightful way. This compendium of photos and interviews explains the Alien Quadrilogy. Forget AVP, forget Promethues, you can't forget the third one though, but you can see why it went so wrong. Want to know things like android's blood is condensed milk? Is it still gross on the films when it sprays everywhere, yes.

Flipping through its pages for a fan reveals the work put into the design of all four of the films from early sketches, storyboards and pre-production and production photos.

You'll learn little tidbits like James Cameron was trying for unsexy underwear when we get to Ripley meeting the Alien up close in the first film. He went as far as to find the least sexy underwear he could.

Diagrams of all the ships and bases. Looks at the insignias and costumes. Ideas that never got finished. Wonderful set and crew photos to show what was going on behind-the scenes.

Through the book you"ll learn and see the xenomorph's transformation over time to look more and more alien... more like a bug.

Alien: The Archive might not be a complete guide of the films, it is a wonderful look a hidden details about the films and the process of creating each of them, even the third one.

A perfect book to leave out at your Halloween Party.