Thursday, October 23, 2014

Space Station 76 Review Drama in Space

Time to do a drama in space set with a 70's theme of technology. Space Station 76 has a great cast that does little to anything interesting in space other than have a slow unfolding drama about their different relationships falling apart.

Patrick Wilson as the mustached lame-brained Captain Glenn is perfect as an out-of-touch, having trouble with his sexuality, depressed jerk. Jerry O'Connell can only be playing a realistic version of himself and the rest of the cast are swingers.

Unfolding on a Space Station, that for some reason flies around space, in most sci-fi they usually stay in a relative orbit or in one location, making them space stations and not space ships... that's just a nerdy issue.

The main character or characters are a unhappy little girl, sad gay Captain, sexy new lady Lt, hunky Mechanical Engineer and is horrible wife.

They all live out a drama that didn't need to take place in space, which may make it watchable for a sci-fi viewer. The film's intended audience alludes me. Those who want to see another 70's film of unfolding drama with campy jokes on the future.

There were some great gags on video games with a modernized version of asteroids using a big screen and a gun to fire at them.