Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Los Angeles Halloween 2014 Haunt Reviews

We've been frightened at the top haunt attractions in SoCal. We've been shaking in our little boots because they were so scary.

The top haunts this Halloween season have to be Knott's, Delusion and Haunted Hayride in that order. Knott's wins for the most bang for your buck. Delusion and Haunted Hayride come in after for their superior scarers. Those people can move their bodies into odd shapes.

Some of the classic haunts didn't rank well, I'm looking at you Universal and Dark Harbor. Those haunts need work.

There are more haunts to try beyond those ranked on the site. Check the full list, our LA Haunt and Theme Park Guide.

 Here's the reviews for each haunt in the ranking and what sets them apart. Good luck with Delusion, it's sold out, more tickets may become available.

-Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights 2014, Walk Faster Walking Dead
-Queen Mary's Dark Harbor 2014 Set Sail For Semi-Fun

-Delusion: Lies Within, Booked For The Rest of October

-Knott’s Scary Farm 2014, They Keep The Scares Coming

-Haunted Hayride 2014: Infused with Shark Blood