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Monday, October 6, 2014

Ben 10 Burns

Just like Korra was damned to the wastelands of the internet, Cartoon Network has a similar way of doing things with properties it cares little for. Ben 10: Omniverse has started showing new episodes at 6am every week day and will run until the last episode of the series runs out.

Though I won't argue about it's style compared to Korra, Ben 10 is being shown at a terrible time to be forgotten.

The question, as always is: Why waste the cartoon? Any current cartoon, no matter how bad it may look on CN still cost millions of dollars to make. Cartoon Network is literally wasting millions of dollars not trying to get any ads with the show at a reasonable time.

They've done it with Scooby-Doo Mystery Inc and currently with Tom and Jerry, shown an at 11:30am, the show isn't for pre-schoolers, and has been awarded a 52 episode run.

So once again, how the Hell is Cartoon Network and financially viable company?