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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Moon Animate, Make-Up! Sailor Moon Reimagined Again and Again

Fans of Sailor Moon have a lot going for them these days. A brand new anime series starts this July and will be simulcast to the US. There's an art show taking place in Anaheim paying tribute to the pony-tailed teenage hero. Anime Expo will have a day devoted to her and her scouts with at an attempt at the largest cosplay gathering of scouts. With these events the internet has another for fans and it's Moon Animate, Make-Up!

The concept is that different artist will animate a few seconds of a certain episode of Sailor Moon, specifically Season 1, Episode 38: Fractious Friends, in varied mediums. Pixel art, CGI flash animation; all is welcome. Then all these clashing styles will come together to form a revised episode that changes design and style every few moments. It's taken more than 250+ artist to do this.

Right now, the project is set for a July 14th release. This is not from a major corporation, this is a fan project that blew up big. Initially, the goal for the release was July 5, the day the new Sailor Moon series was set to come out.

Check below at some of the pieces that will be part of the episode.