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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Yoshi’s New Island Mega Eggdozer Event


There it was, a Mega Eggdozer white as pearls, standing up right and rotating like an alien object to be worshiped. It was a modern day monolith with the colors reversed, maybe just maybe left by some giant space chicken. Last Saturday, March 8th this egg of enormous size was pelted with water balloons filled with green paint to celebrate the return of a plumber's long tongued, multicolored, egg throwing dinosaur pal, Yoshi.

Nintendo held at private event for young child stars to play Yoshi’s New Island in a West Hollywood studio. Dressed up to look like a lounge and a death firing squad area for a giant egg the place had a few green pipe tables, a large coin overhead and a tasty fruit drink bar. What added to the atmosphere? Copies of New Yoshi's Island in brand new special edition Yoshi Nintendo 3DS XL's coming to stores March 14. Anyone could pick up one and try the game. Attendees could also pick up New Yoshi's Island key-chains if they weren't already gone.

When the doors opened the kids rushed in like Yoshi trying to save baby Mario to play the game. I picked up a copy too as devil eggs came by. Picking up one of the fruit drinks from the juice bar that included Red Lime Tea, Raspberry Lemonade I chose Strawberry Vanilla Lemonade. It would quench my thirst as I took control of Yoshi on my new mission to protect baby Mario.

This new game plays like the original with the addition of Mega Eggdozers where Yoshi consumes a large "Mega" enemy and turn them into a "Mega Eggdozer" ; a very large egg for special attacks. Like any Nintendo title the controls are very tight to perfectly aim eggs at enemies and platform jump with Yoshi's strange style of jumping. It's like picking up the game from the SNES version. New graphics and powers and strange new Yoshi transformations added.

After hurling eggs in a virtual environment kids got to throw them in real life at the Mega Eggdozer that might have looked funnier if it had a blindfold wrapped around it's top and a cigarette put in a drawn on mouth with a little French mustache. These kids pelted the egg with all their might some of them little leaguers, but it was hard boiled or maybe the water balloons with green paint were of too good a quality, they weren't from the 99 cent store. As balloons rained down on this tough egg to crack they would bounce off and roll back at their throwers almost in contempt of how poorly they were throw.

Those balloons did burst over time and as droplets of green paint sprayed everywhere they enveloped Yoshi's Mega Eggdozer with semi-perfect spots. The egg was specially treated so only certain green circles would remain colored on the egg making it look just like the ones that come out from Yoshi's... Behind the Mega Eggdozer was an area to see the balloons pop as they came in, so you might see the explosion of green from the perspective of the egg.

After many balloons struck and even more collected around the Mega Eggdozer it looked like Jackson Pollock had a fun time with just green paint or a paintball team really got someone bad. Green stained that Egg Dozer like it won big at the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice awards.

The egg might stay around for some West coast events; eventually it will be put in the Nintendo World Store in New York.

Nintendo may or may not be headed to WonderCon this year. When I asked some Nintendo reps they were unsure. Perhaps they'll show off the egg or maybe have an Easter Yoshi Egg Hunt at the event, one hopes.

Yoshi’s New Island comes out March 14th.