Wednesday, March 26, 2014

X-Men Days of Future Past Poster Xavier Rides Farts of Fire

When TTDILA first encountered the new X-Men Days of Future Past poster online it was believed to be a poor attempt of Photoshop taking images found online and pasted together. Upon learning it was real we have to question if the graphic designers at Fox are just dead and one of the executives working of the film's kid threw it together after jacking it to Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique.

Xavier riding on farts of fire makes it stand out to be the dumbest poster of all time. Remember to think of Xavier's fire farts that allow him to float mid-air.

We're sure that Xavier is floating with some sort of future tech that couldn't be more silly and embarrassing for a human being to be in- what better way to treat the founder and father-like figure to the X-Men.