Saturday, March 22, 2014

Brokechella Full Lineup Announced

If you don't have the cash, but still want to make a splash and tap that a---nyway head to Brokechella happening April 19th. A small amount of cash will get you hours and hours of good music. What music? The full lineup has been announced, just head over to the Brokchella site.

Fourth Annual Brokechella Art & Music Festival
Saturday April 19th, 2014
590 Sante Fe Avenue  in DTLA
$10 Admission / $20 At The Door   

Here's what else is happening from the PR release:

This years festival wide aesthetic theme is Broke Kingdom, which will take form in a variety of prominent ways. Art Alley, consisting of 7 Gallery artists hanging paintings, photography, and installations; graffiti tagged "Thrones" (discarded lawn or arm chairs) to be used as a photo op; a Sound Fort where the listener can put on headphones and experience an enhanced audio version of our Brokechella sound; an indoor wall permanently muraled with an Augmented Street Tag by a professional graffiti artist brought to life by an app on your phone; a lounge with a 60 minute film loop called the Not-So-Silent Movie Theater, created by 5 Second Films; an artist using the vibration from the subwoofer during every cARTel stage performance to create a one of kind Painting with Sound piece for each band; a Giggle Dome of multicolored light prisms, illuminated in an otherwise dark hallway, paired with joyful soundscaping to provide a temporary reprieve from an otherwise audacious fest; Interactive Print Making, where fest guests are invited to make and buy their own prints in collaboration with a visual artist; Projection Mapping on to a variety of balloons attached to a wall, and our Broke Castle, painted live throughout the festival.