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Monday, March 17, 2014

Adventure Time Time: Trashy Novel Covers, Adventure Time Magazine? Season 5 Finale

 Epic Tales from Adventure Time: The Untamed Scoundrel and Queen of Rogues from T. T. MacDangereuse (Author) , Christopher Houghton (Illustrator) are fan-fiction classic pulp adventure stories using some of the most beloved characters from the show. You may just want them for their trash romance novel covers that they've manage to perfectly convey on the cover.

The Adventure Time season five finale is today with "Billy’s Bucket List". The last two episodes "Lemonhope Parts One and Two" have to be some of my least favorite of the season. After LSP's "Bad Timing" the show stands as experimental animation, not afraid to focus on other characters. I loved the episode of Root Beer Guy and the noir feel it gave off. Lemonhope was in no way as likable a character and I'll be glad to never see him again until long after the Candy Kingdom is dead.

I hate you Lemonhope and I hate Steve Wolfhard and Tom Herpich for wasting two episodes about you when it could have been one.

-Did you figure out Phlannel Boxingday was PB in disguise?

If you didn't read in an earlier post Adventure Time is set for season 6, but no air date is set so far. Going over past airings the show has almost been going non-stop with only about a month between new seasons starting.

-Our focus now crosses over from Burbank to England where Adventure Time Magazine has been on shelves so long it's up to issue seven as I write this. From Titan Publishing Adventure Time Magazine is available for purchase sometimes with strange extra toys much akin to Japanese kids magazines. So far they've given out an Ice King Penguin Flinger; a Lemongrab grabber; bro-fist, Finn-bot; Finn and Jake hero stationery and BMO Disk Dumper.

The content of the magazine has comics, but I have yet to determine if their from the Boom comics over here or some other team in England. It's filled with arts and crafts, posters, special jokes, games and puzzle based around the show and details about places in the show.

Why aren't they publishing it over here?

-The National Taiwan Science Education Center will be getting an Adventure Time  exhibit this May. Don't have much details yet, because they haven't updated their site yet with more info.

- New Adventure Time Xbox avatar items! Ride Lady Rainicorn or befriend Peppermint Butler and Beemo.