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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Kanpai Senshi After V Beer Drinking Rangers Trailer

You've had a long day battling evil and just want to relax- want to shoot the sh*t with your colleagues and have a beer. That's the premise behind the upcoming April series Kanpai Senshi After V where a team of sentai heroes, the Golden Soldiers Treasure Five, grab a beer and reminisce about battles and what problems they're having.

Changing from the average Japanese super hero show episodes will take place inside a bar and karaoke studios with most battles being remembered in flashbacks.

The series sentai heroes are: Ryota Murai (Red), Kazuki Kato (Blue), Yu Kikkawa (Pink), Buuffalo Goro A (Yellow) and Tsubasa Tobinhaga (Green).

The 12-episode series starts April 7th in Japan and recently released a new trailer.