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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Punisher #3 Review

The Punisher #3

In the series of reviews so far I've been going over the places The Punisher visits in LA. In this part of the story we don't have much of a featured place, but we do have a great line from Electro on LA's traffic which in a recent study is second only to Washington DC as the worst in the nation.

Last issue, Punisher was driving down the PCH when none other than Electro made he's shocking debut. In this issue, frankly, he seemed to over power Punisher who had to sneak away. Punisher was planning on taking out a cartel not a super human who could fry you with electricity bolts.

Edmonson and Gerads start the issue by just showing how powerful Electro is by making all the change in a random Mom a son's car start flying all around them due to electromagnetism that Electro gives off. Electro is just so powerful compared to Punisher, but that doesn't stop Frank from just trying to shoot Electro. Which doesn't work, he's got electricity powers!

After the incident with the new blue-headed Electro-- that ties better into the next Spider-Man movie-- we have Frank being picked up by he's LA confident of information and weapons and a little cameo from his coyote pal Loot. We're reminded in a stylized night club that the Dos Soles cartel has a new deadly chemical agent that took out an entire small town and if it get to LA; game over.

We have more and more build up of the Howling Commandos figuring out where the Punisher is; who he's connections are. It's great to see how much time their wasting on trying to stop the Punisher when they know he's trying to stop bad guys. Why doesn't a team of specially trained agents clean up the possible disaster of Dos Soles, because their too busy going after the Punisher.

Last issue, Commandos kind of hoped that Punisher was taken out by Dos Soles and vice versa. All I know is it's not going to end well and if government agencies go after Frank they'd best just get super heroes to take Frank in. Wait for a big tech fight from the Howling Commandos as Frank takes them out with improvised weapons, at least that's what I'm hoping for.

On to Electro being asked to not to draw attention to the Dos Soles gang. When you make it rain lightning on the PCH you might get noticed. For know the media or cops don't seem to know Electro's in LA. This doesn't stop Electro from having an attitude moment towards his employes, he's not a stable employee.

Punisher's off doing one of his favorite activities: punishing someone or torturing them for info. After a few head punches, Puncher I mean Punisher has his new gear and hood on and is trapezing around buildings to get to Dos Soles gang.

Even in his head the Punisher seems to know he underestimated his foes. He takes out the average cartel members with his usual gusto and self explanation in his head about how it's not punishment this time, it's extermination.

Electro is waiting for him and soon Frank is down and we have a cliffhanger with an over-excited Electro towering over him telling an electrocuted Frank he's meeting the guy in charge.

Frank does seems a little out of place with tech in this series. He did use a rocket launcher to be overly excessive a little while back. My only comment might be that Punisher might have rigged some sort of rubber suit to better tangle with Electro who he knew was going to be back to fight him. This series seems more down to Earth, so maybe some trick shots or some sort of gas attack to take out Electro is coming. Right now, The Punisher is just to weak to scrap with old blue-head.