Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Rick and Morty "Rixty Minutes"

Rick and Morty latest's episode, "Rixty Minutes", cements it as one of the best breakthrough comedies to come out from Adult Swim that's actually animated. The episode not only ties back episodes with a continuity, but is also a touching look at family and love centered around the ability to look into other dimensions. From viewing how things might have gone for the Smith's to the just improvised concepts of TV shows the episode blew me away as just being funny. You can tell many of the TV shows and movies were improvised as you can hear the laughter left in on some of them. There's even a sense of nerd trivia with a whole scene devoted to Bill Murray voicing Garfield. Tom Kauffman and Justin Roiland wrote the episode, sadly for us they didn't write anymore in the 11 episode season with a second season due. For Adult Swimm a second season could be a longtime off.