Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hellboy Chocolate

In celebration of Hellboy Day chocolatier Richard Ruskell designed a limited-edition series of Hellboy-themed chocolate. Don't frown if you didn't get one over at Meltdown, which had Mike Mignolia, creator of Hellboy in person. You can still pick them up at local Sweets Hollywood or order them online here.

The bars are:
Abe Sapien Seas Salt
Hellboy 20 Years Bar
Hellboy Bar 
Hellboy Inferno Bar
Taste the Justice Lobster Johnson Bar

Also molded Hellboy Fist and Hellboy Statue made of chocolatety goodness.

Sticky USA made some special treats with Hellboy phrases on them for the occasion as well, but they aren't available online in stores or online.