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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Trends Knowledge Captain America at Disneyland

I was kind of amazed about how stories or posts could be written with little to no information on Captain America coming to Disneyland. The only info that was given was simply that. Captain America could be greeted at Disneyland with no reference to a starting date or what that actually meant.

The details have now come out. Starting this March and going on now fans can greet and take a photos with Cap inside the top floor of Innoventions hall next to other Marvel's heroes Thor and Iron Man exhibits. Inside "Captain America: The Living Legend and Symbol of Courage" exhibit you'll be able to look at artifacts from Captain America's career.

more info

 So many outlets reported on Captain America being at Disneyland without a confirmed date months ago, here's a short breakdown of the news cycle with little to no information, but everyone doing a very meaningless write-up.

The first post on it came from Disney itself on the Disney Parks Blog, really just a teaser.

Jan 10

In honor of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” coming to theaters April 4, guests at Disneyland park in Anaheim will soon have the opportunity to meet the First Avenger in person. Captain America, who has already been making appearances at Avengers Academy on the reimagined Disney Magic, will be dropping in to Disneyland park starting this spring, where you can also experience continuing favorites Iron Man Tech Presented by Stark Industries and Thor: Treasures of Asgard.

The post itself reveals more info won't come out until next month, but it already would be making noise all over the net, with no photo or details. simply repeated the news the same day.

Robot 6 tried adding some background knowledge

The Sentinel of Liberty has the distinction of being the first Marvel character to appear at a Disney event (D23) since the media giant purchased Marvel in 2009. He can also be seen on Disney Cruise Line’s Disney Magic as part of the Avengers Academy kids’ area.
What, no way? Cap on a boat!

Insidethemagic repeated that Cap has in fact be entertaining fans on a boat. So did superherohype, no details again, just something that could be one sentence.

Jan 16
With Captain America: The Winter Soldier coming soon, Disneyland is following in the footsteps of the last two Marvel movies and will bring Captain America to their flagship theme park in Anaheim, CA. No details are available beyond that but a good bet would be props from both films, maybe set or two and a cool interactive experience. Check back soon for more information."

/Film's three word sentence was thoughtful enough. Explaining what most likely the experience would be like. It still begs the questions why even waste the time writing it until the actual info comes out. It wasn't even a full article, but part of a highlight series on theme park news.

Similar posts pop up on Nerd Reactor
One of the perks about Disney owning Marvel is that the company is able to use the Marvel property in any way imaginable (almost everything). With Captain America: The Winter Soldier hitting theaters soon on April 4, 2014, Disney has decided to capitalize on the hype by adding something cool to Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. Attendees who visit the park in spring will have a chance to meet Cap in person (sorry, no Chris Evans).
With Cap making an appearance, the Marvel experience is increasing at Disneyland, since it already has the Iron Man Tech Presented by Stark Industries and Thor: Treasures of Asgard.