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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Upotte Complete Collection Review Girls Just Wanna Be Guns

 Upotte Complete Collection

Girls just wanna be guns, they just wanna, they just wanna... fire gu---unns!

Upotte, the reverse of guns in Japanese; so maybe call it "Sung" over here, is a very strange harem anime about girls that are guns? This would be the anime for the Punisher... if he was a sick pervert.The anime itself seems confused by this concept. Not to have a misfire, the series fires on its own path to put cute girls in dirty positions in another fan service anime about school girls.

To try and make this clear as possible; and boy have I watched some weird anime so this one got annoying, the girls are anthropomorphized guns-- they look like people, but they're they embodiment of guns--- training to be useful guns.

The series follows Funco, based of a Belgian FN FNC assault rifle and her friends in their adventures in Seishou Academy, a school filled with gun children. Her other friends are: Ichiroku, an American M16A4. Jokes either about how the gun is used or how America fights it's wars are shot off in the first episode about her. One of those jokes being about having short bursts of energy, like how her gun type has a burst mode. Sig, based on a Swiss SIG SG 550, the standard top honors student. Elle, a British L85A1, which wasn't that good a weapon, making her rather clumsy as a human. This main group of friends interact with the other students and teachers that are really weapons.

The series has many of these puns on character based on how the guns are used and their functionality that an average person with no prior gun knowledge would not get. This sets the level of in-jokes and meta-humor very high to newcomers of gun-related matters.

The harem part follows a new teacher, "The Japanese Teacher or English Teacher" --he never gets a real name. Many times he has miscommunications between him and Funco who in her own way idolizes him and wants him to use her... as a gun.

Episodes are a mix of fan service and the usual stories of high school; of course mixed in with combat, which is genre of itself in anime. Ho many school battle shows have their been. Fights between a rival school and upper class-man, the same sort of story you've seen before just with more accurate gun use and fan service.

The series has to fit someones criteria for them to really enjoy it. Of all the fan service animes out there it wouldn't be in my top 10 list.

This series might be a good learning tool for someone who wants to start a hobby about guns and also loves anime; a Southern American anime fan?

Only ten episodes and an OVA episode on two discs with a dub and subbed version.

There's quite a few fan service animes with more content. Get the best bang for your buck and decide if the series is for you before getting it.