Monday, March 24, 2014

TCM Classic Film Festival 2014 Line-up

If a night with Mel Brooks watching his classic Blazing Saddles doesn't entice you, there's many more films to get you off your ass from your couch and into one of the many great theaters around Hollywood and Highland. That includes many more presenters like Gareth Edwards and Patton Oswalt. On a extra note, the showing of Blazing Saddles will be at the new Chinese IMAX, for that extra quality for the bean eating fart scene.

TCM Classic Film Festival 2014 Line-up
April 10-13, 2014
Passes or purchase them at the screening

This year's festival, which always contains special guests and screenings, has a few films that TTDILA would like to point out, be sure to check the schedule yourself as we'll be going only over a fraction of what's happening this year.

On April 11 a special anniversary restored version of Billy's Wilder's Double Indemnity. Patton Oswalt will be sitting in for a showing of the creepy to this day Eraserhead from David Lynch, if you're a college student out with friends it's the best weird movie to see.

April 12 has the restored version of the original Godzilla movie, looks like Rialto Pictures the new distributor of the film  is trying to cash in on the remake coming out this May. Director of the new Godzilla film, Gareth Edwards will be presenting the film. Jerry Lewis will be in for a showing of the original, The Nutty Professor, did you think Eddie Murphy came up with that idea? Years earleir Jerry Lewis was in fat suits talking to himself. I would have though Patton Oswalt would be in for this one, instead Dana Gould is presenting Freaks, which is a joke out of Oswalt's repertoire. It has all the circus freaks you could never want to see.

April 13 has even more Jew that night than Mel Brooks. Norman Jewison, he has Jew in his last name,will be in for the showing of Fiddler on the Roof.