Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Kickstarter LA: Dragon Ball Z: Light Of Hope Pilot

Well, the city of LA was just destroyed in Robot Underdog's live action Dragon Ball Z: Light Of Hope Pilot trailer and it's one reason to help fund the series. The small poorly named production company, eh Robot Underdog, needs funds to create a three-part, mini web series, live action version of the Android saga from Dragonball Z, I mean we're not getting Battle of the Gods soon, what the H Funimation? This is all for a pilot, which is kind of silly because Fox owns the rights for any live action option and I don't think they care, they'll just hold onto them. I've heard that's part of the reason why we don't have Battle of the Gods yet, because someone over at Fox hasn't just passed on the option of adapting it. Toei and Funimation don't have any say on it .

 Dragon Ball Z: Light Of Hope Pilot IndieGogo page

They're only asking for $9,000 a very small amount for a pilot showing of some high caliber action, but a bad sense of naming things;Light of Hope? Why not just call it the Android Saga?