Monday, March 10, 2014

Marathon Crash Race Took Place Anyway Wasn't Much Fun

The Marathon Crash Race, a yearly no permit bike race that takes advantage of the LA Marathon street closures went on as a fun ride. The LA Weekly article The City Told Wolfpack Hustle Not to Race. Like That Was Gonna Work by Devin Feldman has to be the saddest punk piece I've ever read. Devin along with a few other riders disregarded that the city of LA's warnings and instead attempted a race anyway, which to David's own account wasn't even fun. The rest of his story is both him trying to puff up his chest and say how cool he was while still being saddened at how the race wasn't as fun as it was in the past without the support of the city.

"Well no, city of L. A. We went apeshit. And we were going to go apeshit no matter what. In fact, it was likely the apeshittedness of the charged online comments, letters to the city and Ward's persistence that led the city to allow anything to take place at all - only, this time, under the guise of a "ride" rather than a "race," a last-ditch effort by the city to save face and prevent a riot."

Devin's childish rage is rampant throughout the article where he rides around LA in the fun ride then gets lost with about thirty riders after ditching a friendly police escort.

"Our fun "ride" turned into a failed "race," and the lead pack spent much of its time lost somewhere in the hills."

Devin has to remind us how he's the "baddest."

"Would the whole "ride" concept have worked out just fine if L.A.'s fastest and baddest urban cyclists held back and stayed with LAPD? Yeah. But L.A.'s fastest and baddest urban cyclists aren't interested in staying with LAPD."

The city of LA can work with riders. Just look at CicLAvia , it's next event April 6, where the city shuts down major streets and works with the community so everyone can enjoy themselves. This race/sad ride took advantage of the city prepping for another huge activity, the LA Marathon, which is already a huge friendly event open to the community.

The small band of riders of the Marathon Crash Race that rode away from the LAPD acted only to their own benefit, endangering themselves and others by bike riding at night which could have resulted in a number of accidents.

Devin why don't you grow up and take the training wheels off.