Monday, March 10, 2014

Adventure Time Time: Depressing LSP, Card War Meh, Eating Ooo

-Last week's episode of "Bad Timing" adds to the list of the genuinely saddest moments in Adventure Time history. The bizarre concept of seeing little creatures around the screen needed to have a payoff and did with LSP trapping her new boyfriend out of known space and time.

- Natasha Allegri got over her fears and did show up for the signing over at Golden Apple.

- Eating Ooo: Recipes and Art inspired by Pendleton Ward's Adventure Time
came out. It's really an unofficial fan's guide to cooking some food based off the show.

-Here's a PB and Lady Rainicorn piece by Amika, whose taking classes from people involved with the AT comics.

- I attempted playing the new Card Wars - Adventure Time game and have to say I got bored with it immediately. The way the game is set up, the core mechanics of having to land your dial in the right spot every turn just annoyed me. I've yet to play the physical release the video below shows how the game is played by a very bearded man.