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Monday, March 10, 2014

Seth McFarlane's Ego Trip as Giordano Bruno in Cosmos

Cosmos aired to much acclaim last night on Fox and Nat Geo. Cheap Flash animation was used to tell the story of Giordano Bruno, a tortured by the Church astrologer voiced by executive producer Seth McFarlane in what could only be called an ego trip. It's well known that Seth McFarlane is no advocate of the church and the depiction of how evil the Pope and his clergyman were depicted adds to that view in the cartoon. People usually don't look like monsters. The real case is that McFarlane asserts himself to the role of Giordano Bruno who died trying to tell the world there's more out there to learn.

Who doubts he was asked to voice the part and he just did it himself? Was there no one else to voice the character?
*Phil Lamar, voice actor of almost every black cartoon character was one of those Oxford graduates yelling at Giordano Bruno.