Monday, October 7, 2013

Halloween Update: United States of Horror Experience

The United States of Horror is part of the large presence of horror films this October in LA.

Check out the full list of horror films in the city here.

The Cinefamily's The United States of Horror had a line out the door for the slasher film from Oregon, Just Before Dawn. Every night a new state and it's monsters are featured. A wonderful stamp system shows how many of the films you've seen in a chance to program a Cinefamily film. Just turn over Johnny's Ryan's United Stated of Horror mini-poster you get upon entering and get it stamped after watching the horror film of the night.

A friend and I got lucky and got a sofa up front for the slasher film with the same basic premise of horny stupid kids in the woods. An ending so funny it's a dirty sex act in the wrong hole. Just Before Dawn is the slashers sub-genre of hillbilly/redneck and sayings like, "It's just like walking on your garden hose" leaves you laughing at how bad it is.

Hearing the staff go over the film and laughing at how dumb some scenes were with an audience is an experience you might want to have over October

The new bumper for The United States of Horror premiered that night and has each state overlapping the next with the film in represents within it outline. I'll be sure to post it when it hits online.

Until then do yourself a favor a see it for yourself for one of the showings happening all October at The Cinefamily.