Saturday, October 5, 2013

Game Hype: EightyTwo Arcade Bar Downtown January 2014

© Photo by Melissa Richardson Banks
The video game bar EightyTwo is opening in the downtown arts district in January. I first heard of it through fliers from the iam8bit gallery, but it didn't have many details. It has been popping up so much in my social media I didn't want you to miss out on it.

Check out these two stories online so far about EightyTwo. I'm liking the connection to Pins and Needles the knitting/pinball space.

Classic Video Arcade and Full Bar Coming to Arts District

COMING SOON: EightyTwo Classic Arcade Bar

The owners, Scott Davids and Noah Sutcliffe say it will be open by January 2014 at 718 E. 3rd St in the arts district. Art shows, special events and music acts should fill the nights at EightyTwo.

So what will LA Game Space be doing differently? Now I wonder if EightyTwo will beat LA Game Space on opening. LA Game Space has not revealed its opening day and doesn't seem to have a presence at the local IndieCade as an exhibitor, which is sad as so many local developers and gamers are showing up.

There in the same area, so it should be quite nice when both are up, but who will be open first?