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Monday, October 7, 2013

CEO of WB Looks Like Sterotypical Japanese Villain Wants Wonder Woman

Mr. Tsujihara in typical evil pose
Instead of the common white evil bad guy with thinning hair that looks like a skeleton, but still has fat in the wrong places, Mr. Tsujihara looks like a stereotypical Japanese villain posed on hurting heroes. Recently, he explained plans, not evil, for getting Wonder Woman. In an almost sad realization that having Batman and Superman out in theaters with no other characters and recent television developments on DC based characters he explained wanting to get Wonder Woman out on either TV or in theaters.

He was not in charge of WB when it passed on a Wonder Woman movie by Joss Whedon of the billion dollar grossing Avengers film.

No word yet if he strokes a cat while explaining such plans or will be given one to creep people out like me. Worry would fill your heart, if you were brought into his office, secretly built in to the WB Water Tower overlooking the studio as he stroked his cat slowly, not saying a word.

In his favor, it does fit the style of WB's to be run by someone who looks like a super villain plotting the worst.