Tuesday, October 1, 2013

16th Annual Halloween Harvest Festival and Fright Fair Screampark The Corn Maze Conundrum!

16th Annual Halloween Harvest Festival and Fright Fair Screampark
September 27th thru Nov 3rd.
20800 Victory Blvd. (SE Corner of De Soto and Victory)
at Pierce College in Woodland Hills

Festival Hours 10 AM - 10 PM Sun - Thurs
10 AM - 12 AM Fri - Sat
Parking Free

Fright Fair Screampark night activities begin at 7pm on select nights. (Please see event calendar for dates and times).

The Corn Maze Hours
Corn Maze will be open everyday
10 AM - 10 PM Sun - Thurs
10 AM - 12 AM Fri - Sat
Roving reporter Natalie D. and I got lost for some time in the corn maze at the 16th Annual Halloween Harvest Festival which becomes the Fright Fair Screampark at night with haunted houses and trails opening. Corn maze!!!!!!!!!!!!

By day, a cute festival to take little tykes for some Halloween fun. Just to go through it, here's what's available for the little ones during the day. 

"a 5-acre corn maze, Hay Rides, Bungee Bounce, Rock Climbing, Pony Rides, A Petting Zoo, gem stone mining, Food, Live Music and Entertainment"

Many of activities are open during the night as well including a craft zone. The craft zone lets your little ones paint Halloween masks and other Halloween crafts. For little kids it's perfect to spend a few hours there for a little taste of a outdoor festival and Halloween.

There's significant food offerings, anything in mind they probably have it for consumption. Yes, they have Funnel cake!

Now for teens and adults you have the FrightFair Scream Park featuring the Factory of Nightmares Haunted House, Creatures of the Corn Haunted Trail and Insane Reaction. This part only happens at night starting at 7pm.

Mazes and Trails

5-acre Corn Maze

Natalie and I were lost in the 5-acre corn maze for a good while opening night. As we learned corn mazes are not level and very creepy to walk through in the dark. Not level as in the ground, as we alk in the The Flight For Life themed maze this year, you can only see what it the maze spells out from an aerial view.

There;s just something about being in a corn maze at night that freaks you out. Even though there's huge lights overlooking the fields, the corn stalks are tall enough to block out the light. This is a good maze to scare your own friends in.

*Wear shoes you don't mind getting dirty

As we braved the maze by turning around and coming out the way we came, it will take you a while to get through it, we totaly forgot about the question quest. Questions about Canadian Geese are in certain locations for you to find. This was mostly ignored by us.

Creatures of the Corn

Just enter under the giant winged creature.

Creatures of the Corn has creatures in it, altering you're other experience from the 5-acre corn maze. You have real creatures and cult members stalking you through this maze. Once and a while a victim asked for help, but we could not abide as the creatures kept going after her and us.

This maze takes place in another corn maze giving creatures great chances to scare you out of everywhere. They have hiding spots throughout the maze with multiple turns. Worry about the chainsaws.

Factory of Nightmares Haunted House

This maze alters itself from just being a messed-up hospital to different nightmare scenarios. We were amazed by how long the maze was and never grew boring. Each new nightmare changed the scaring staff and brought on new monsters. For the length and scare it's worth the price. It was the best haunt to check out at the park.

Insane Reaction

Was not open on opening night while we attended. Tesla coil and Faraday cage
were mentioned, indoor lightning.

Fright Fair Screampark was a quick Halloween adventure for us here at TTDILA.We did not see it in it's sunny form as the Annual Halloween Harvest Festival. I think it's best as a family Halloween adventure or for teenagers a quick thrill seeking fun time in the mazes.

The corn maze can trap you for a while, so best to go with a group of friends, maybe see who can get out first or who can scare the other.