Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wired doesn't seem to care anymore as do other magazines

No buys this Thursday just rage!

Reading the latest Wired magazine makes me believe they don't seem to care anymore. I love Wired. I've been a subscriber for over 5 years and have been reading it much longer than that. The latest issue once again has a bizarre amount of tobacco ads. I really dislike that a magazine that informs and makes you think, I mean articles on cloud computing or maybe even controlling clouds, that so cool, has to get it's money from big tobacco?

What’s funny is that in the newest issue a tobacco ad is on one side of a page and on the other an article on a machine that tests how bad cigarettes are

 (pages 29 and 30 of the April 2010 issue). The article doesn't actually say cigarettes are awful, but tells that the machines tests what poisons are in the cigarettes. It's not good either the article ends with the line "Pick your poison!" Is the editor secretly giving a FU to tobacco? Or is it just human error. If I was big tobacco, I'd think about leaving Wired.

Next the Troll Power article by Brian Raferty. He wrote about the Troll 2 documentary. I have seen Troll 2 as it may be king of all B-movies. No, wait it isn't even a B-movie more like well, I think my friend once told me the Director spoke Italian and no one else did on set so yeah.

 The first time I saw a clip from it was at a special Halloween Stand up night at the UCB theatre here in LA. The Halloween show was for the worst horror movies comedian could find and then make fun of. As a film student it's amazing to see a movie with some many continuity errors get made. It's great for a party with friends. Raferty writes about the documentary and how it was done by the star of it who at the time of filming Troll 2 was a child. The child is a man now, he revisits the other actors and crew and called he's film Best Worst Movie (great title).

Now the problem I have with the article is this, Raferty wrote

"The film will premiere as part of a double feature with Troll 2, which will finally get it's due on the big screen."

that’s all he wrote though, he doesn't indicate a when and where, two essentials of journalism Mr. Raftery.

I'd like to know when this is happening or where. Maybe give a website.

Also it’s wrong because that documentary has come out already at different engagements over the country so I don't know what he's writing about. It already has premiered before. It looks like he didn't really do he's research.

hhhmmmm Looking on the (Best Worst Movie site.) hhhhmm

I guess they don't understand what premiere means okay Raferty I'll let that second part go. For some stupid reason they're listing their re-release of the movie as premieres?

It's extremely perplexing when the site itself writes
We’re pleased to announce that BEST WORST MOVIE will be returning to Los Angeles’ Landmark Nuart as part of its Theatrical run!

Friday, May 21
Screening time TBA
Landmark Nuart
Cast & Crew in attendance!
The film will continue to play at the Landmark Nuart for at least a week following the premeire.

Which is cool for us here in LA. I don't think you can purchase tickets yet, try the Nuart website in April.

Best Worst Movie screenings

I would have links to the articles, but strangely it seems wired no longer puts current issues up. They are put online after the next magazine comes out. I don't like that, I can understand why, but I'm quite sure in the past they had current articles up.

This Doctor Who ad in wired sucks. Not Wired's fault, but the marketing guy or gal behind this is not terribly creative.

With this image ad previously online (below) it's strange they went with such a boring ad in Wired, just look at it and compare

Looks at the old ads for Doctor Who, still better than that crappy one in Wired. They couldn't just think about it for five seconds.

The March issue of Wired did have this great little

on Cloud Gaming where another computer handles all the work your machine would require and streams it back to you.

Lastly,  if you've read Wizard Magazine lately you've noticed it's terrible format change. Every article is numbered and it looks like a blog. It looks horrid. The design and layout, just looks terrible. I know the blog here doesn't look great, but I don't have sponsors. Plus it seems like the magazine has gotten thinner and has less content. I fear Wizard maybe ending publication soon.
That was the wrong laslty, EGM was suppose to come back this month. I haven't seen it or heard any news lately about it coming back. Will EGM pull one last Aprill Fool's Joke for which they were renowned for.Is it all hoax and they're not coming back?