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Friday, March 26, 2010

LA Secrets (ssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhut up I'm telling you secrets)

No new place to discuss this week, just some secrets to know about LA

1. You can't actually visit the Hollywood sign. It's gated off and you could be arrested for trespassing. People have been known to sneak up anyway to get a neat pic. So don't expect to take a picture if you go all the way up that damn mountain.

2. Going to a taping in LA takes a very long time. Be prepared to wait a good three hours for some shows, sometimes even longer. For some reason they want people there extremely early for tapings of any type of show. I've heard game shows are the worst and take the most amount of time.

-Be ready to wait in line with nothing to do.Bring some friends to talk.

-Studios usually don't provide anything to drink or eat so be prepared.

-Just because your sitting doesn't mean they're starting. They may just want you in your seat, but taping might not start for some time.

-No cells. Sometime they may ask that you leave your cellphone in the car or that it will be held until after the taping. So maybe that plan of using the iphone to avoid boredom just died.

-Actors will sign autographs after the show. Just be nice about, don't try and force them. Sometimes they have to rush for thier own engadgements. Have a pen and whatever you want signed ready. Most actors on shows don't actually carry headshots. If they still do they're probably jerks with huge egos.

3. Our subway closes at night, roughly around 12:30am.

4. We have a lot of strange murders here

5. Don't go up to actors who are out with their families, it's just not cool. If they're reality stars this does not apply as they have sold their souls away for stardom. Why would you even want their picture, though?