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Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm combining the three posts of the week maybe even four.

First off the story section, I ended the Broadcasting and U short on Wednesday  instead of originally Monday. I’m probably going to start editing it Monday/ Tuesday. It came out quite, well and I think will make you laugh a little.

So Friday some friends and I headed to the Nuarte Theater for the Mystery Team Premiere. The Nuarte Theatre is an independent movie theatre that shows rare stuff you wouldn’t normally see at your AMC or Pacific theatres. I’m talking gritty stuff, cult classics, and foreign releases. Things you might never see on Netflix. What was a real treat is sometimes meeting the cast, crew or director of the movie at the Nuarte. That’s what happened to me in the case of Mystery Team the cast and director were there.

They introduced the movie and themselveles. Mystery Team is a terribly sick and funny movie. It’s definitely meant to be rate R for sick and gross-out humor. You’ll love the trio’s misadventures and the strange people they encounter in the film. Grab it up when it comes to DVD on May 25th. It’s a definite movie you’ll want to watch and see multiple times with friends.

After the movie there was and Q and A session with the stars and director of the movie. I couldn’t stop laughing from all the jokes and surreal answers they gave to questions. There Q and A started off with anime poses for final cut pro to James Gandalf Finney in a tub singing his name while playing with to sub sandwiches in a space battle. One scene of the movie had a member of the mystery team sticking his hand in a toilet that had recently been used and his job was to fish out a ring. Sadly, it was number two. So I had to ask during the Q and A what did they use for poo. Turns out Pumpernickel and brownie mix. What’s strange they said was it smelled delicious? Before they got to telling me what was in the fake poo there was whole joke of how people with poo on their hands are treated like second class citizens even when it just looks like poo.

There are certain dated times during the week the cast and crew will be joining the audience call ahead to find out

Nuart Theatre
11272 Santa Monica Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 478-6379
Also anyone going to a showing this week when the cast and crew are there get a special Mystery Team Membership card that will never be given out again supposedly. Check it out it’ll only be here this week only.

So to repeat myself, the Nuarte has the outstanding attribute of getting the crew and cast, plus director to come out to give you a special show. The theater itself is fairly nice, seats are clean. Outside the theater does looks a bit dated, but inside it’s quite modern. Not as great as a arclight, but nice. Service could be a little better. The staff isn’t especially helpful or nice. Prices on the food and drink sure aren’t independent of the movie theater industry. Stay away from the overpriced concession, others have said you can bring food in, I recommend you do also. You will find treats you wouldn’t find in a normal theater like cookies and rare soda pops.

Prices vary on tickets be prepared to pay between 7- 12 bucks on a ticket depending on the time of your movie. Parking isn’t hard to find they have plenty of pay parking just go down Cornith or go past the theater towards that stuff in Sawtelle( I mean Giant Robot and all the nice little shops before Olympic).

So I combined Monday’s story, Thursday buy being the Mystery Team DVD
and Friday’s new place to go. I’ll have more post about my other interests this week, maybe some production stills of Zomo.