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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Video Game Art Thursday

Sorry for lack of game pics, but I’ve been busy moving stuff and editing. Broadcasting and U just needs some sound and music and I’ll be done with my class project maybe before anyone. Sadly Zomo had problems. The tape was bad and ruined a lot of footage. It’s kind of hard to have Zombies reshoot scenes. I wish I could go digital, but the schools equipment is mini- dv tape only. Lame

Back to the art, so Into the Pixel + Video Game Art Show + Game Over 3 happened last week.
Reading other blogs it seems the gaming masses enjoyed The Video Game Art show.

Here are some pics of that
Nice pic of Link I love all the items.
oh dig dug
Mario is totally Japanese

Next the Game Over 3 show has many pieces fitting in the cramped Giant Robot San Francisco. It’s not like the one on Sawtelle here in L.A. isn’t cramped either. Giant Robot is on Haight Street I think, which is just a funny name for a street to have there area is great for fashion and young couples.

Here’s what you want though Video Game Art pics

Let's not forget good ol' Silvio Porretta’s Play with Me.

Yeah you can go up and move his joystick. (Rent Joysticks from Netflix, terrible yet funny video game movie unpar with The Wizard, but with boobs)

Below is a video by Eric Nakamura owner of Giant Robot of Game Over 3 … it’s a nice video I guess. Nice if a gallery were up on his site.

Don’t trust the man in the giraffe mask. For some reason some artist where masks to hide their identities, I think it’s kind of lame. Shepard Fairey mans up when he tags stuff. Giraffe mask your kind of lame. At least where some video game character. Also what is going on with the Morse code music? Was no techno available? No chiptune beats.

BTW talking about video games

Gamescenes has this great link of gamers getting angry all in a neat little row. Called Angry Gamers. I’m sure some of the clips you’ve seen before on YouTube. I don’t think gamers are that involved. Nah it rings true, but I feel a lot of those moments have to deal with teaching your children social skills. HAHAHA that guy at the end overreacted.

I'll try bloggin about the Dante's Inferno art floor tomorrow.