Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Time for Adventure!

Adventure Time premiers this April 5th 

with Slumber Party Panic!

Mathematical! Rhombus!
Another truck food fest

looks good enough to eat

Lebowski Fest Dude

Pillow Fight Day!

Head to Pershing Square and start hitting someone with a pillow at 3:00 p.m then at 3:15 stop and leave immediately.

532 S Olive St

Los Angeles, CA 90189

From Yelp

1. "Don't talk about [Pillow] Fight Club!" (especially to news media and civic authories)
2. Don't be in location until the exact minute. (set your watches)
3. Hide your pillows.
4. Rush in screaming "PILLOW FIIIIIIGHT!!!!!"
5. After 15mins of excruciating fun, leave.
6. Stay off the road and sidewalk. (don't make this a police issue)
7. Do NOT hit anyone with out a pillow! (this includes but is not limited to people with cameras, bystanders, civic authorities, cars, use common sense!!)
8. "If this is your first [time] at [Pillow] Fight Club, you have to fight."

Felicia Day and Zack Whedon at Golden Apple

We Love Wood Art Show

April 8th Hahahahh that's the title: We love wood