Sunday, March 21, 2010

Return of not being able to go to the Video Game Art Show

I know, I know this doesn't take place in LA, but I love video game art so here's some more pics from the video game art show

OMG Posters (great site for all the latest poster and special prints news)

just reported that Glen Brogan's  Mario’s Closet print

and Chogrin's Mario and Link prints

are on sale,(wait a second Chogrin and Glen Brogan, that's ... hmm strange they rhyme)

Chogrin's pieces are $25 each
while Glen Brogan piece is $100

wow looking further (a free plug for Gallery 1988 some more)
all the pieces below are ready as prints to buy at gallery 1988

including Kim Herbst's "We're Gonna Need A Bigger Rucksack" Print

I'm pretty sure that some of the prints were from some prvious I am 8-bit

1988 Gallery Store
Game Over 3 put up some more pics too

Yeah he probably did leave his van somewhere
Man I love this stuff!