Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Almost time for Adventure Time

Well, not really since Cartoon Network is showing half a new episode on the 18th, but the series officaily premieres April 5th

In other Cartoon Network properties Generator Rex is also coming out this April.It started as a comic book and took a good couple of years to become a cartoon. The fact that the writer of the comic went on to make Ben 10 probably has nothing to do with his comic becoming a show.

In other cartoon news The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes comes out for Disney XD's Fall 2010 line-up here's the team. I think Darwyn Cook is involved with early character design or something.

Next Marvel is making the norse god-awful movie abou young Thor and Loki on some stupid adventure. It looks like crap.

DC next straight to dvd movie will be Batman: Under the Red Hood. Strangely the guy who played Capt. Kirk (Chris Pine) for the latest Star Trek movie will voice Batman this time. The story centers around one of the Robin's deaths and a new red-hooded annoyance for Batman.