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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Three huge video game art shows not in LA

I write this post with extreme mental anguish that I can’t attend any of these events because there not in LA, but … San Francisco.

I was recently invited by John Doffing to attend Into the Pixel in San Francisco. Into the Pixel is an annual video game art show showcasing work from video game artists. It tours the world more notably making a stop every year at E3 here in LA. A special engadgment to the Hotel Des Arts was made this year to coincide with the Game Developer's Conference going on at the same time. The Game Developer's Conference is exactly what it sounds like a  conference of video game makers. John Doffing is a past juror and a member of their emeritus board.
Here’s some of my favorite pieces that will be shown.

Yes, it's suppose to remind you of Little Big Planet.

Did someone say ps3 flower?

That couldn't be a certain Lombax I know.

I know I should write the artist names down, but I’m too sad about not going to this show, this site gamescenes provides info on everyone’s piece though. Gamescenes is a great site to check out any video game art related news btw. Seeing them here doesn't give them justice. BTW only 16 pieces are selected out of so many for this show.Look at those pieces there epic.

Then John Doffing ’s e-mail hit me with this.

In addition to the Into the Pixel exhibition on the main floor of the Hotel des Arts, all five floors of San Francisco's 'Art Hotel' will be filled with artwork 'from and inspired by video games'.

Five floors of video game art! Yes!

Turns out John Doffing  was busy partnering with  Super7, Gallery 1988, Project One Gallery, and the START SOMA art gallery and some others I'm not sure if I'm allowed to announce yet to create the simply titled

Video Game Art Show. That’s right it’s just tilted video game art show.

INTO THE PIXEL will fill the main floor and lobby of the Hotel des Arts.

THE VIDEO GAME ART SHOW fills the other four floors of the Hotel des Arts.

and they BOTH open on Thursday! GTahhhhahahahhhh

John wrote me this too , “There will NOT be pictures of the other four floors until the show is hung.(That’s why I got no pics to show you yet) But we have some amazing artists and partner galleries - painting, sculpture, giant robots, light boxes, silkscreens, t-shirts, toys, actual games on flat panels IN the painted rooms, giant wall murals that are 10 feet long of game art, etc etc. Definitely a cool show! oh - and a bunch of character cut-outs FROM video games - including a bunch of GIANT ones from JET SET RADIO FUTURE”

Jeez, John make it sound more great. The wall murals that are 10 feet long really kind of destroyed me.

Oh wait , but there’s more so much more

Happening at Giant Robot San Francisco (Giant Robot is a store, brand and magazine the infuse LA and Asian culture, with very modern themes and is very Otaku)

Game Over 3 ,

which I commented on earlier here. Game Over 3 is another video game art show happening in San Fransico a day later after Video Game Art Show and Into the Pixel.

Look at some of these great pieces.

Once again leaving artist names off so pissed off right now.

So here’s the facts if you’re at the Game Developer’s Conference I hate you and your life rocks.

INTO THE PIXEL + THE VIDEO GAME ART SHOW open on March 11, 2010 at the Hotel des Arts in San Francisco.


Hotel des Arts

447 Bush (at Grant), San Francisco

Thursday: March 11, 2010

6 pm - 10 pm

INTO THE PIXEL + THE VIDEO GAME ART SHOW will remain on display at the Hotel des Arts in San Francisco through April 2010.

Even Frederik L. Schodt (they first speaker I met at the Gadget Ok!) is gonna be there. His speaking at The Allure of Hayao Miyazaki, a lecture about Miyazki and his work. Man, Frederik L. Schodt knows every anime related person alive and dead. Ahhhh, I want to go , but didn’t hear about the show until a few days ago.

Hosted by Beth Cary and Frederik L. Schodt

Sponsored by VIZ Media**Reception party starts at 6:00pm

1746 Post St,

San Francisco, CA 94115

Contact: [email protected]

Tel: 415-525-8600

$10.00 General / $8.00 Matinee,

Senior (62+), Child (-12)

Also, almost everyone I’ve interviewed for this blog or is in the gaming industry or cool is going to be there. I’m sure Adam Robezzoli of video game culture online shop Attract Mode is going to be there, game journalist Matthew Hawkins unless his bowels are acting up again. Jean Aw of Notcot, that guy who writes Super Punch. Boing Boing’s Cory Doctrow. Those guys that I posted about on Co-Op. Those camera men don’t deserve to go though. I'm sure Jon Gibson of I am 8-bit will be going, too


Sound like a great bunch of events. Definitely check them out if your in the San Fransico area.

I’ll try and provide future coverage later this week.