Monday, March 29, 2010

Japanese Film Festival Los Angeles Fail

Well, I tried to ask Mr. Satomi Imai of the JFFLA 2010 PR Tream (yes thats tream) some questions for today's interview. Here's our bizarre first attempt at communication.

Here's today's

I'd like to ask you a few questions about the Japanese film festival for my blog Things To Do In LA. My web-site covers events and places to visit in LA.

1. What are some movies that the good folks of LA can enjoy at this years Japanese Film Festival Los Angeles?

2 Are any directors, actors or crew going to be attending the movies?

3. When was the Japanese Film Festival Los Angeles created and why does it try and promote Japanese cinema?

4. Why no connection to Little Tokyo, it seems you could have shown movies at the theaters their or the downtown independent which is a block away from Little Tokyo.

5.No Evangelion 2.0? There happens to be a big otaku culture here in L.A. . Evangelion was featured last year, why not the second movie in the series? Why no anime as a matter of fact?

Here's he's response.


Thanks Mr.Satomi for showing a lack of interest in someone who actually bought a ticket and was trying to promote your film festival.

So no interview today.

hhhhhmmmm, I'll come back to this later.

I love the PR TREAM
Avoid the awful site buy tickets at

these retail Stores

Kinokuniya, (Los Angeles Store) Little Tokyo, Downtown LA

Asahiya Bookstore, (Sawtelle Store), West LA

Asahiya Bookstore, (Gardena Store) in Marukai Shopping Mall, Gardena

Kinokuniya, (Costa Mesa Store)