Friday, March 12, 2010

Downtown Independent the indie theater for you

The downtown independent is a short walk from little Tokyo and a great place to see an indie movie.

The independent has only one theater, but does have clean seats and a nice screen. Not the biggest screens mind you, but decent. The whole place looks very modern. The snack bar is up to date. Service was nice when I went, but they seem a bit out of it. Never try calling for info, it’s a waste of time, you’ll just get a recording.

Prices aren’t cheaper than regualer theaters expect to pay around 10 bucks or more for whatever you’re going to see.

The downtown also has music at night and a bar. This happens on the roof of the building, it’s not The Standard, but if you wanna hang with friends or a date its nice spot.

What really sets this place up is the movies that are shown. Many of the movies shown are hard to find or in special engagements. You won’t be able to find them on Netflix for a while or ever. The last thing I saw there was Pathogen a bloody zombie movie directed by a 12-year-old girl. Directors and actors sometimes present their movies which is a real treat.

So treat yourself and catch a flick or at least try the beer pong they mention constantly.

Funny trivia - Two years ago the place was run by ImagineAsain which was/is a Asian entertainment company, I watched their television channel for anime, but when I switched to satellite I no longer got the channel they could be could be bankrupt now. Anyway the Imagine Asian logo is still on the downtown independent in plain view. It kinds of looks like LA maybe that’s why they haven’t taken it down or the new management is too lazy to change it.

Downtown Independent
251 S Main St

Los Angeles, CA 90012

(213) 617-1033