Saturday, March 20, 2010

Japanese Film Festival Los Angeles ERRORS

Anyone who reads the blog knows the grammar police should have locked me away a long time ago. I know I have some spellcheck errors here and there, however it's funny to me when other site's have the same problem. While checking out the Japanese Film Festival Los Angeles(starts April 10th) line-up of films I noticed that for ticket selection adult was spelled adlut for Yatterman. So I sent a friendly e-mail to inform them of the problem. The reply back was funny on part with what I wrote and Mr.Imai's grasp of English.

Speeling wrong is always a problem to look for while writing on a blog. Thank you much for to still reading the blog with my speeling errors and grammar problems.

Another funny problem with the Japanese Film Festival site is that none of the times are listed for the movies. You can still buy the tickets for the movies, but no indication of time is given. Why?

 I hate when sites do stuff before there ready. Just leave a note on your site saying you don't have times yet or the information people want hasn't been decided yet. This problem is common in LA. When I wanted to see Mystery Team with the cast and crew I had to call ahead to find what day and time. The people working there didn't know either. I basically guessed what day to go. Same thing with Walking Sleeping Beauty,a documenatry movie on the internal struggle in Disney in the 80's and 90's over making cartoons and power, at the AMC Burbank 16. The site for AMC doesn't even least the day. Calling ahead it turns out they have no idea about the movie's times. I'll post about more about the Disney movie Wednesday.

I'll I'm saying is just write a note saying no information yet on date and time. I'm going to try and e-mail the Japanes Film Festival site for more info, maybe get a interview.

BTW Ramen Girl ? Really, Japanese film festival?
Watched it fot 10 minutes on Netflix streaming. Then canceled Netflix.