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Monday, March 8, 2010

Production notes and Mega Man 10 Video Game Commercial

Sadly, no interview with anyone this week, thanks Tiny Cartridge I thought we were cool. My two shorts I’m doing right now Broadcasting and U and Zomo are in different phrases. If you’ve forgotten I’m also a film student. Broadcasting and U is my student film for class, while Zomo is just a funny skit I came up with where a gorilla style horror movie shoot in LA goes wrong, very wrong. I don’t really have any production photos of the shoots yet, but I can tell you Zomo is in pre-production still and I’ve been filming Broadcasting and U for a week, the final day of shooting is today. Then I’ll have to edit it. You’ll probably see it on this site before the end of the month.

In any conciliation for no interview here is the Mega Man 10 lost commercial from I am 8-bit

Talking Mega anyway here's my post on the Mega Man 10 event here in LA a couple months ago. The shirt is a prize from the event.
The band The Megas happened to show up at that event, you can preorder thier brand new kick ass shirt here