Sunday, March 28, 2010

Things Missed

Well thanks to lack of announcement or really any press I missed two cool events last week. As did you for I could not blog them.

First of was the Monster Hunter Tri Barbecue at the LA Brea Tar Pits. I just blogged about the ad campaign for it a week ago. Sadly, I didn't hear about it till after it happened.

Wow it looked like fun, and the park area there is so nice and relaxing.
Gotta say great marketing, but terrible gameplay. I got a demo from gamestop. First Wii disc demo I have ever had.  The control is simply awful. The character feels klunky and the load times in between worlds break away the fun. I say avoid this game for the Wii. Pick up the much more fun Lost Planet 2. Some secret codes will be released from capcom for a  new secret multiplayer demo this week. It's tremendously sad that this game comes out from Capcom when Lost Planet 2, a fun multiplayer game,where you hunt monster bugs also comes from Capcom.  It's like Capcom doesn't know whats it doing sometimes cough ... Dark Void.

Now for something not Mathematical, not Mathematical at all.

There was a

Adventure Time Art Show


Here's some of the work, now if you don't know I love Adventure Time, here's my post about writing to it's Creator Pendleton Ward and getting cool stuff back.

Here's some of the pieces I missed to see in person

It's quite impressive to have a tribute art show for a cartoon that hasn't even officially premiered yet. Check out Cartoon Network April 5th when it does.

Uhhhh. I was actually in Burbank, not 3 blocks away and a had no idea that this was happening.
Only one blog so far even reported this happening. They couldn't report it a little earlier? Even the Adventure Time blog didn't say anything.

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